Dr Jane Park - Educational Psychologist

I trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London where I gained my Doctorate in Child, Community and Educational Psychology. I am a fully qualified Educational Psychologist and I joined the service in September 2016.

My professional and research interests include:

  • Transitions into post-16 education and/or training for young people with autism
  • Systemic work to support children and young people with autism
  • Early Years
  • Mental wellbeing and positive psychology
  • Therapeutic work

Park, Jane (2018) ‘From real-world research to the real world: Extending the free association Grid Elaboration Method into applied educational psychologist practice with older students’. In ‘Applied Educational Psychology with 16- 25 year olds: New frameworks and perspectives for working with young people.’ Edited by Brian Apter, Christopher Arnold and Julia Hardy (British Psychological Society, London)