How to Access the Service

Local Authority Commissioned/Core Criteria for Children and Young People 0-25

The Local Authority may provide Educational Psychology support to schools/settings if the following criteria apply: 

  • The Local Authority seeks Psychological Advice as part of the Education, Health and Care Planning process.
  • The Local Authority seeks Psychological Advice for the conversion of a Statement of Special Educational Needs to an Education, Health and Care Plan.
  • The Local Authority seeks advice to inform changes in placement or provision.
  • The child or young person is in care.
  • The child has additional needs and is aged between 0-5.
  • Critical Incident and Bereavement Response Support is available to schools following the sudden death of a staff member or pupil.  In some cases this may include associated specialist casework.
  • The pupil requires specialist therapeutic provision.

Schools can also access Educational Psychology through traded work. 

EPS Brochure 2019/2020